• SHEBA was a term used in the 20's for a gal with sex appeal. These soaps def have it!
    Palm Free
    Luxury Soap

  • Earth Swirl

    Wholesale inquiries are most welcome.. contact shebasoapco@gmail.com

  • Stone

    This soap is made with herbs as the colorants and scented with francincense and other lovely eos

  • Calendula

    creamy and smells so good

  • Orange Sunshine

    colored with botanicals and scented with a most uplifing blend of essential oils..

  • SPEAKEASY! Merlot and Chocolate

    So decadent it should be prohibited....
    chocolate and wine.....mmmm what better combination?

  • Shabby Sheba

    a truly truly luxury bar of soap...this will make you feel like Marilyn...

  • Karmic soap

    These are made with artistic flair! and of course all natural ..no palm...vegan...yes!

Goatmilk oatmeal lavender
A gentle exfoliate